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The Return Of The NHL

The tournament will be interesting because home ice will not be a factor and neither will be momentum. It’s tough to ride momentum when teams have not played in over 3 months. The most talented team should prevail barring any key injury or sickness to top players.

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On Transactional Relationships

I recently attended an online marketing and branding conference and one of the suggestions they made is to not make relationships or connections with somebody if you cannot bring value to them. If that would be the case then a lot of up and comer in this industry would never have a voice. In the summer of 2006 I sent my first professionally recorded single called Hip-hop Redeemed to DJ Wade O from Wade O radio and at the time he was the biggest media figure in CHH. I was 17 at the time and still figuring out my sound, but Wade O was still patient and took the time to guide me and was honest that my flow was...

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The Impact of the Ragamuffin

Rach and I recently watched the movie Ragamuffin which is the story of the very successful singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. I grew up with & greatly respected his music, but what struck me the most about this movie was not his musical story, although that was extremely interesting as well, it was his finding a kindred spirit. He was a man who could be an absolute jerk. He drank a lot, but loved God and loved people. He was a man of many failures, but still stood up on stage and proclaim his Awesome God for the world to hear. His was a musical and personal story of grace and that was something that resonated with me. I also fail many...

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