Confession & Repentance

If you are on my website, that means that you most likely follow my music and if you follow my music then you have heard me vocalize my struggle with sin. I very much live a Romans 7 type life. I love the Lord with all my heart and want to serve Him daily, but if I'm honest I have many weak moments where I choose sin rather than choosing God. This has been reflected in my music for many years, but while I was writing this week, a thought hit me. Was I going to just leave this on my page or was I actually going to do something about it? Writing is cathartic, therapeutic and healthy, but when that writing does not lead to action, then what have I accomplished? Similar to theology leading to doxology, confession should lead to repentance and I for one am so guilty of letting thoughts just sit on a page or leaving my voice on a beat without actually changing a thing. I write this because I'm sure there are many who struggle with the same and because the Christian walk is a unique thing that is supposed to be done in community rather than solitude. I ask for prayer and prodding in this matter.

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